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Organic Soil Conditioners

A simple pH soil tester or soil test kit will tell you what plants will love growing in your garden. You will be able to choose from a preference of guide for over 400 plants.

Hop Manure is produced form hop cones & excellent for use as a soil conditioner/ enhancer on heavy soils to aid cultivation.

Mulch & Mix is a blended organic soil conditioner made entirely from renewable resources. It is recommended for general soil improvement, planting & mulching.

Clay Breaker is a clay breakdown agent that will not damage soil pH. It is completely safe to use a& produces healthy plants by loosening clay soils to allow deeper penetration of air & water.

Gypsum Soil Conditioner is an effective natural mineral for conditioning soils, particularly heavy & clay soils. It is also a good way of providing calcium.

Calcified Seaweed is 100% organic with all the natural trace elements and vitamins of raw seaweed. It can be applied at any time of year to improve soil structure and soil acidity.

Sulphur Chips> are used to reduce pH for ericaceous plants.

Seaweed Meal is a natural compost activator & soil conditioner. It encourages beneficial bacteria, makes valuable humus & is rich in minerals & trace elements.

Lime breaks down heavy soils and neutralises excess acidity in the soil. Apply annually to correct pH levels and improve soil structure. Use on flower beds and vegetable borders.


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