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Acid or Alkaline

A simple pH soil tester or soil test kit will tell you what plants will love growing in your garden. You will be able to choose from a preference guide for over 400 plants.

Below 7 is acid. 7 is neutral. Above 7 is alkaline.

Add sulphur chips to lower pH.

Add lime to raise pH.
Apply lime several weeks before sowing or planting to raise pH
To raise pH of 100 square metres of soils by approximately 1 unit add
1 kg for sandy soils, 2 kg for sandy loam, 3kg for heavy clay.                                                                                                            

In acid soils, unless growing acid lovers, apply lime every 4 years to keep the soil sweet & encourage worms – essential for soil drainage, aeration & material recycling. 

Never apply lime to newly manured soil.