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Plants For Wildlife Containers

Generally, most smaller growing wildlife plants can be grown in containers. Shrubs would include Hebes are great for butterflies. Pyracanthas also for the flowers in early summer, and then the berries for the birds in autumn/winter. Cotoneasters have similar benefits including early flowers for bees and beneficial insects. The smaller varieties of berberis have berries that are loved by birds. Spiraeas, Lavenders, Perovskia, dwarf lilac, summer heathers will all attract a wide range of 'flying' insect - bees and beneficial hoverflies in particular. Some herbaceous perennials which will attract wildlife, include Achillea, Lythrum, Sedum spectabilis (a must) Scabious, Geums and Dwarf Asters. The Geraniums can be good but you need to ensure you choose a good variety that will flower into late summer as the foliage can become very tatty after flowering. With all these plants, choose smaller growing varieties - they don't need staking and become out of proportion with your container. There is such a vast choice - as long as you always choose single-flowered varieties because these will produce nectar and pollen for beneficial insects. Other plants that could be used in containers include the smaller varieties of Centaurea, Coreopsis, Eryngium, Helenium, Monarda, Nepeta (catmint), Phlox and Salvia. With herbaceous perennial containers you can add a few bulbs like snowdrops (a great source of early nectar), Scilla, Narcissi and Aconites (loved by bees).

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