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Natural Plant Foods

Use an organic fertiliser for best results.

Granular organic fertilisers take longer to act, as they have to dissolve first.

Liquid organic fertilisers provide immediate nutrients to the plants.

Other Useful Fertilisers are sometimes helpful for specific tasks.

Green manures are an excellent way to add organic matter & improve soil structure. Nitrogen fixing green manures ‘fix’ nitrogen into root nodules, which is released when dug in.

Granular Organinc Fertilisers.

Blood, Fish & Bone

An excellent general fertiliser. Do not spread more than 2 weeks before planting.


A phosphate fertiliser especially used to assist root growth (use protective gloves)

Dried Blood

A very fast acting nitrogen fertiliser for a quick boost or tonic.

Sulphate of Potash

A valuable source of potassium for fruits & flowers.

Blended Farmyard Manure

A good source of trace elements required by all plants for healthy growth.

Horizon Organic

A balanced fertiliser for excellent results with tomatoes & vegetables. A rose & flower, lawn & general blend is also available.

Chicken Manure

A very powerful manure, extremely high in nitrogen (green growth).

Calcified Seaweed

A natural soil & lawn conditioner that beaks down heavy clay, is rich in minerals, neutralises acid soil and encourages beneficial bacteria.

Seaweed Meal

A natural compost activator & soil conditioner, encourages beneficial bacteria, makes valuable humus & is rich in minerals & trace elements.

Liquid Organic Fertilisers.

Liquid Seaweed

The Maxicrop range of organic seaweed based fertilisers are a wonderful source of nitrogen (green growth), phosphate (root growth), potash (fruits & flowers), trace elements (essential minerals) and growth hormones. Reduces attack by fungal diseases and susceptibility to frost.

Maxicrop Tomato

A potassium enriched seaweed based natural feed which improves quality, flavour, size and shape.

Gem Flower

A balanced organic fertiliser containing ideal nutrients and nitrogen fixing bacteria for flowering plants.

Gem Fruit & Vegetable

A balanced organic fertiliser containing ideal nutrients and nitrogen fixing bacteria for fruits & vegetables.

Maxicrop Complete

A balanced seaweed based fertiliser which aids rooting and establishment.

Maxicrop Original

Pure, organic seaweed based feed to stimulate growth, improve seed emergence, aid root establishment, alleviate transplant shock & build pest & disease resistance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Maxicrop Iron

A balanced, organic seaweed based feed used to correct iron deficiency & aid growth in difficult soil conditions. Prevents chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves through iron deficiency), produces dark, green foliage with more intensive flower colour. 

Fito Plant Doctor

A blended organic fertiliser ready to pour revitalising plant tonic containing vitamins & natural growth stimulants to boost plants that are stressed.

Biotal Lawn Restore

A soil restorer that restores the natural microbial balance and helps fight harmful fungus to give a healthier lawn.

Other Useful Fertilisers

Zero – 10 – 10

A unique no-nitrogen that is ideal for alpines, cacti & bonsai. It is also useful to combat excessive green growth & induce flowering.

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