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Nest Boxes

When monitoring nests, remember the adult will desert the nest if disturbed.

Siting a nest box.

Fix your nest box 1.5 to 5 metres above ground level.

Avoid facing into strong sunlight, prevailing winds or rain.

Place out of reach from cats & away from perches that could be used by predators.

Keep away from the bird table as this will put off potential occupants.

Avoid siting two boxes close together to avoid rival male aggression.

Be patient.

Each autumn, check vacant & remove to clean with hot water & lightly dust with pyrethrum powder.

Which Nest Box?

Nest boxes are designed with various hole dimensions detailed below.

25 mm hole size – Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit.

32mm hole size – Pied Flycatcher, Great Tit, Nuthatch, Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow.

45mm hole size – Starling.

200mm hole size – Stock Dove, Goosander, Tawny Owl, Jackdaw, Golden Eye.

Open hole size – Robin, Song Thrush, Wren (if well hidden), Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Wagtail.

multi_box124.jpg (4219 bytes)
Multi Hole Nest Box.
Premium quality cedar used for excellent insulation properties as well as naturally resisting weather damage, warping and rotting. Four plates included which can be swapped for each bird you wish to attract. Suitable for Blue Tit, Great Tit, Wren or Sparrow. Available to purchase here. 

nordic124.jpg (5007 bytes)
Nordic Nest Box.
Nordic nest box by Gardman, a modernist curved galvanaised roof that is easy to open for cleaning. Has a 32mm diameter entrance hole. Available to purchase here. 

sparrow_box124.jpg (4814 bytes)
Sparrow Colony Nest Box.
The Sparrow Colony Premium Nest Box is three bird boxes in one, ideal for this social nester. This bird nest box uses 19mm FSC certified timber throughout and has a hinged roof for easy cleaning. Size - approx 45cm wide. Available to purchase here. 

budget_box360.jpg (6500 bytes)
Budget Camera Bird Box.
Catch the action with high quality black and white images on your TV. Camera equiped with sound, infra-red vision and IR light source. Easy to set up 'plug and play' specification, supplied with 20m of cable and all connectors.Quality nest box from thick section FSC timber. 32cm dia. entrance. Available to purchase here.